Bound to walk north

Jotunheimen, Norway 2017

Six years ago one of our first big hiking trips led us to Norway. We wanted to cross the famous country of the giants together with two more friends – completely self-sufficient. We had little experience, wrong equipment, not enough supplies and way to much weight on our backs. After two days of pouring rain and strong cold winds we had to retreat and find shelter in a little uninhabited hut. Even after resting we weren’t able to complete the planned route. So it was clear for my brother and me that we had to return to finish this project.

Six years later, this autumn in 2017, we decided that we should try the Jotunheimen national park once more. But this time it should be an easy play for us. After all we had gathered so much more experience on our many climbing and mountaineering trips in the Alps or other multi-day hikes through remote areas.

There are also some photos from this trip 🙂

And there is only one brother I would want to do stuff like this with:

A huge thanks to Mr. Chase for creating such awesome music!
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